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CPRE East of England


Robin Burkitt Alison Greenwood Straw bales in Norfolk




The most up-to-date statement of the main issues facing the CPRE is available on the CPRE CPRE website.  You may like to receive the monthly email campaign update by signing up on the national website (under campaigns section).

CPRE’s Save Our Countryside Charter

England’s countryside is precious, irreplaceable and finite – a beautiful national asset for us all. Yet more and more of our green fields are being destroyed by haphazard and badly planned developments. Too often these are imposed on local communities who are increasingly powerless to stand up for the places they love.  We must stand together to safeguard our countryside: for nature, for the food it provides, and for its beauty and the freedom it offers.  We want a robust and fair planning system that can secure this, while providing the development our country needs.

Stop the destruction of England’s countryside.

Support our three demands for better development:

Our open spaces are being destroyed unnecessarily. Previously developed brownfield land should be re-used first to protect the beauty and tranquillity of our countryside and breathe new life into our towns and cities. 

Local people are increasingly unable to stop the destruction of their towns and countryside. The cards are stacked in favour of powerful developers. We want a democratic planning system that gives communities a much stronger say in the future of their area.

The country urgently needs more affordable homes for our rising population, including in villages and market towns.  But they must be sensitively located, with excellent environmental standards and high quality design that enhances local character. 

Sign our Charter at www.saveourcountryside.org.uk



*The Campaign to Protect Rural England exists to promote the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of rural England by encouraging the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country.

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